Blower Door Test in Cream Ridge, NJ

Call us now @ (888) 213-3975 Welcome to My name is Eli and I am certified to conduct Blower Door Testing in Cream Ridge, NJ . As you may know Cream Ridge has adopted the 2020 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) and requires a Blower Door Test for all new residential dwelling units. If any part of the HVAC system such as the Air Handler or the Ductwork sit outside of the buildings’ thermal envelope a Duct Leakage Test may be required as well. Give me a call at (888) 213-3975 to schedule your blower door test in Cream Ridge, NJ

What is a Blower Door Test?

Blower door testing in Cream Ridge, NJ provides a simple measurement of the air changes per hour of a home. All homes leak air and it’s a good thing to keep the air fresh but as new air replaces the old air it needs to be reheated or recooled. Too many air changes will result in increased energy cost and discomfort. We use a Blower Door Test to make sure the amount of air changes per hour are acceptable.

There are several steps involved in conducting a blower door test in Cream Ridge, NJ . First we make sure all exterior doors and windows are closed. We choose one central exterior door to open and size an adjustable frame to that door. Next we install a fan and connect it to a nanometer so we can measure both the outside and inside air pressure differential. Once we are ready to start the test we run the fan to a depressurize the house to negative 50 Pascal which is like simulating 20 mile an hour winds running through the home. When the home is depressurized air begins to enter it more forcefully and we measure the difference in air pressure inside the home versus the outside.

Cream Ridge, NJ is in climate zone 4 according to the IECC, International Energy Conservation Code and as such the recommendation is 3 air changes per hour in this climate zone. If you are a builder looking to pass a blower door test you have a break as Pennsylvania has adjusted the number of air changes required to pass a blower door test to 5.

All homes in Cream Ridge, NJ benefit from a blower door test so we can identify the leakage areas and make the home more comfortable and energy efficient. Whether you are a home owner feeling a draft or a contractor looking for a blower door test to close out a building permit you can trust us to get the job done!

As of 2018 Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware has begun enforcement of the 2015 IECC, Internation Energy Conservation Codes requiring Blower Door Tests and Duct Leakage Tests and I am conducting these for contractors in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. If you run into this and require my services don’t hesitate to give me a call. I price my services fairly and provide discounts for multi system and multi unit buildings. I carry practical tools on the truck like duct seal, tape, chalk, weatherstripping and spray foam. I always do what I can to achieve successful results.

A Blower Door Test is conducted by installing a frame onto a central door in the home and attaching a fan to the door. The fan depressurizes the home to a Pascal of 50. Once the home is depressurized we use an instrument called a nanometer to measure the difference in air pressure between the outside of the home and the inside of the home. We get results in ACH or air changes per hour. This is the amount of time air leaks a home and new air enters the home in an hour. All homes leak and thats normal but keeping air changes to an acceptable amount is important since each air change creates a need to reheat or cool the new air.