Home Energy Audit

Uncomfortable at home? Why not have us conduct a Home Energy Audit? I often get calls from homeowners who feel they are overpaying on utility bills or simply feel uncomfortable at home.

When a Blower Door is used to depressurize a home air infiltrates the building more aggressively making air leakage easier to spot. I use the Blower Door and do a thorough walk through of the home with a Thermal Imager to find air leaks in the home. A thermal imager measures temperture changes in the home and makes it far easier to the find air leakage. Often when a leak is identified we can actually feel the air Infiltration just by using our bare hands.

This type of Home Energy Audit will uncover issues of under or uninsulated walls, leaks from windows, doors, plumbing, electrical boxes, venting appliances and many other places. If you feel your utility bills are high or you are simply feeling uncomfortable at home I highly recommend this service as my past customers have been extremely satisfied with it. A Home Energy Audit only takes a couple of hours to complete but the benefits to homeowners in energy efficiency and home comfort are lifelong for the customer.

Benefits Of a Home Energy Audit

● Determine where your home is losing energy

● Which problem area should be prioritized

● Saving in energy consumption

● Increased home comfort

● It’s good for the planet

Home Energy Audit